Our goal is to make people come together and save the earth from global warming 


We promote sustainable activities for people and planet. By spreading knowledge about the nature and planting trees our tourers have a positive impact on the surroundings.

We work together as one team, we share knowledge and ideas. We engage and build trust and respect with our tourers. For the best of people for personal quality and economic growth.

We want to raise awareness about global issues and spread ideas on how we can manage todays biggest challenges. By cooperating across borders our goal can be reached. Only as a united world we can overcome the challenges that lies ahead. 

We strive for people to experience the wilderness, to really appreciate the nature and wanting to preserve and use it. Outdoor activities are good for the body and soul.

Our vision – earn money and create green work spaces

Contact information

e-mail bergenturs@gmail.com

phone +47 45 85 56 95