Sky high numbers for the «Plant a Tree Tour» music video!

Our new video commercial have reached a significant amount of viewers within the first two week of youtubeing. We are very happy for the results and the effect on the tours market value!

Even with a very low budget out media department managed to create this astonishing video commercial about the “Plant a Tree Tour”

By combining music, video and nature for a good cause we are sure to gain marked value and generate profit for the local community and attract possible share holders

 – Ole Olava

The video is also meant to work as an tutorial for people wanting to go Plant a Tree Tour in their own neighborhood 🙂

The video has gotten good reactions such as this:

And even a reaction video from overseas with great views on the video and its affect and commercial value, check it out here:

It is not weird that planting trees are trending on youtube now (when you see all this godd content)! With all this interaction and satisfaction I genuine belive that the plant a tree society will save the world. #plantatreetour 🙂 

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