We adapt the tours to your interests. We can start at the top or the bottom of the mountain. Rural and urban sightseeing. Things you might see: great view, wildlife nature, norways biggest tree, and take astonishing photos. We take you to places other tourist dont go. We have an uniqe knowledge of the tracks on the mountain. The tour are usually not availible untill 15:00 on working days.

From 600 NOK

Book on this page or send an e-email to or a text to +47 458 55 695 Due to global warming there might be extreme weather conditions. We encourage our tourers to take safety measures. Bergen Tourist Tours will take no reliability due to falling trees or landslides. We can also give good tips to other things to do in the city. Hope to see you!

Plant a Tree Tour

To stop climate change we need to pant about 1000 billion trees (acc prof. Tom Crowther). We offer tree planting tours for tourist so that they can leave a positive carbon footprint. A nice way to help the coming generations and the planet. We especially adapt the tour for your needs and interests. Be a part of the solution and join a tour today!

From 20 $/€

You can also just buy a tree, if you want to plant alone or plant at home. Tell about your preferred time and length on the tour. We are very adaptable. Together we can fight climate change and make the world a better place! Plant A Tree Tour – a part of the “Bergen Tourist Tour” 

Ancient ruins

Maybe not ancient and maybe not ruins? Maybe an old viking settlement? It is anyways a nice tour. 

Before booking a tour please be aware of the risks in touring and read our disclaimer notice

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