Garbage in the local dialect is called boss. We provide tour where you go can pick the boss while sightseeing and explore the city. Leave a positive footprint and help clean the city!

Much of the boss laying around is made from plastic materials. These materials tend to find a way to the ocean and pollute the food chain. This is not only a local problem but a global issue.

By taking cool Instagram friendly photos from your holiday while bossing, you will help raise awareness about this issue to friends and family back home.

The Boss Tour will be adapted to you likening, weather its urban bossing, extreme terrain bossing, aqua bossing or cultural bossing. We will make sure you have a great time and fill up your bag.

We provide bossing sticks for groups up to six people. Good excercise and great concience!

See our Bossing Tour promo videos on youtube, here are som examples:

Berge Boss Hill
Urban Aqua Bossing near world heritage site Bryggen

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