Video live stream tour directly on your device. The tour will take you up the mountain through the forest. You will see the amazing nature and magnificent views. It is a virtual tour which gives you the comfort of your home while experiencing the unique sights of mount Fløyen. 

Because of the corona virus the borders are closed. We do not expect many tourers for this season. That’s why we are exploring new technologic possibilities to provide our excellent service. 

We also have a lot of trees to plant. This tour can be combined with the “Plant a Tree Tour” for further reduce your carbon emissions. The most sustainable tours are done from home. Take part in the touring revolution and book your tour today!

The tour can be arranged as a private or public tour. You have full control over where to go since you are connected to the tour leader and camera man. Upon booking you will receive a video link for the tour. 

Lean back and enjoy the marvellous experience!

Book your tour today here!