Plant a tree while exploring the beautiful city and nature in and around Bergen. Reduce your carbon emission and give something back to the city. When you come again you can see how the tree has grown. We provide trees and local guiding adapted to your needs. Our trees are locally grown oak or chestnut trees.

Travel Man

The Plant a Tree Tour have been featured by British television Channel 4 on the “Travel Man” show. Her you can see a clip from the event when we visited the biggest tree in Norway, which is close to the Bergen city center.

The whole episode with tree planting is available here:

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Planting a tree will be a gift to the world and future generations in fighting global warming. Book your tour today!

Check out this cool promo video we made for the Plant a Tree Tour:

See more pictures on our instagram page @bergentouristtours

Promo poster from 2020

  • Plant a tree
  • Reduce your carbon emission
  • Help the earth
  • A reason to come back

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